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Vicki speakingOne of my favorite things to do is to speak on topics of lifelong health and wellbeing.

My talks are informative, interactive and challenging. Whether a conversational presentation or a more formal lecture, my goal is to present the facts, laugh a little, and provide practical steps to change.

I want to inspire you! Motivate you to change your attitude, your mind, and your life.

The end goal is wellness in each of our lives, extending to the home, the workplace, and beyond.

Some of my favorite topics to speak on include:

  • Storybook Wellness
  • We are Sitting Ourselves to Death
  • Be Together. Not the Same.
  • Stress Happens. Let’s Thrive!
  • Healthy Families. Healthy Kids.
  • Let’s Play!—The Importance of Play for a Healthier Life.
  • Someone’s Watching You—Modeling a Healthy Life to the Next Generation.
  • Work Life Balance?
  • Your Brain on Exercise
  • Aging Does Not Mean Growing Old
  • The Gap Between Knowing & Doing

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