My Favorite Healthy Living Resources


One of the tips I gave in my last blog, “The Gap Between Knowing & Doing”, was to find someone who stands on the other side of the gap to reach for you and encourage you.

Since I wrote that blog I have had a few people ask me who stands on the other side for me; who, or what is my inspiration? Who encourages me to keep going?

That’s a great question, and besides my husband who inspires me daily with his endurance and resilience to keep going despite losing his eyesight, I have a few incredible resources that have become my inspiration in the past few years.

First of all, my husband. He is always on the other side of the gap reaching for me. I watch him daily find ways to live an independent and active life without whining or complaining. He does not give up, despite the fact that he cannot see well. He falls down, he gets up. I am inspired and motivated by him. I am challenged to take action and to never give up; to keep going with the strengths I have.

Additionally, I have a few non-people resources that encourage and motivate me. These resources provide me such rich and relevant information and tips that I find it easy to stay on track when I am paying attention to these resources.

There are literally thousands of websites and blogs out there. I thought I would share a few of my favorites. They reach for me; make me shape up if I’m slacking. They give me facts I need to make healthy changes in my life. Check them out. They may be what you need as well!

Here you go:

I like for the comprehensive information on nutrition and healthy living. The facts offered through articles and videos inspire me to want to live healthy. Once I know…I can’t un-know.

These websites have an abundance of health and medical information: American Heart Association, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and The Mayo Clinic.

My local favorite is IT’S TIME TEXAS, a nonprofit organization that empowers Texans to lead healthier lives and build healthier communities. While they have a state-wide reach, they offer local Austin resources, an app, and plenty of fun incentives to live healthy.

IT’S TIME TEXAS challenges me to take action. They offer so many great tools for people of all ages, groups such as the workplace and schools. They offer community events and initiatives.

They didn’t ask me to promote their organization. They are just that good. Stop what you’re doing and check out the following:

  • They provide health coaching in English and Spanish.
  • Their Choose Healthier App makes accessing local health-focused information, activities and events easy!
  • My personal favorite is going on right now. The COMMUNITY CHALLENGE motivates me and brings attention to everything I do and don’t do each day to be active and eat healthier. And it’s so much fun! I hope you’ll join me and sign up now for the Community Challenge.

Finally, I have to give a shout out to where I work, Ballet Austin’s Butler Center for Dance & Fitness. Because I am surrounded by thousands of people who are working out in a variety of ways each day, people from age 15 to 95, I am inspired to never stop looking for fun and creative ways to remain active through life.

I hope some of my resources have given you motivation to keep looking for ways to bridge that action gap! Take active. Eat healthy. Be well.



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